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Company organization structure in 2010:

(1) General meeting: It is the super degree power organization, making any important decisions including investment, finance, distribution, regrouping, consolidation, separation, management policy and faith etc.

(2) Board of directors: It is standing management body, carrying out decisions made by General meeting, in charge of action of enterprnise operation and management.

(3) Board of supervision: It make supervision and inspection for the atatus of company finance and business.

(4) General manager: Who is charge of companys daily work, operation and management, carry out decision of Board of driectors, make operaiton plan and investment project for company yearly, establish the setting project and system of company management organization, apply to recruit or dismiss company employee.

(5) Vice General manager: who is assistant of General manager, exercising GM’s rights under the authorization of BOD and GM.

(6) Technical Director: Who is responsibility for following the business information, resolves technical problems, organises technical training for young employees, guide them to resolve daily technical problems.

(7) Project quality supervisor: Who is responsibility for inspection and management of daily project quality, make enterprise criterion, prompt the arrangement and improvement of technical data.

(8) Project construction supervisor: Who is responsibility for feedback of the information of safty and civilization production, service, quality, and client views.

(9) Finance department: It is function organization, responsibility for finance work, assistant for company finance management.

(10) Labour union: It represents the interests of employee, puts forward the needs of employee for company, organises recreational activities for employee.

(11) Employee loan fund mangement: When employee suffer urgent economical needs, it provides low interest loan for them according with company loan fund management.

(12) Operating Department: Who is responsibility for market operation and contract negotiation, coordinating user relationships, urging payment, contract management etc.

(13) Maintenance Department: It is mainly in connection with domestic Fanuc NC users, provides service for them, including maintenance of circuit card, driver module, servo system and motor etc.

(14) Engineering Department: It has research office, electrical section and mechanical section. Research office make use of home and abroad mature hardware table to researching and designing special NC equipment fitting for users. Electrical section is responsibility for  NC machines modifying and retrofiting, PLC programming, force electricity circuit designing, debugging, and trying cut etc. Mechanical section is charge of mechanical large and special repairing. Electric and mechanic workshop provides service for whole company projects.

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